After due consideration, the Operation Cleft Management Committee decided that effective July 1, 2015 Operation Cleft would be split into two major components; one being surgical and the other, speech therapy. The surgical program will continue with our team of eight plastic surgeons completing between 1,000 and 1,200 operations annually. The big change is that the Operation Cleft surgical program will now be implemented in Bangladesh by our new in-country partner, the Glencoe Foundation rather than by CDD as it has been for the past nine years. The Glencoe Foundation Bangladesh was established in 2010 by Colin Macfarlane AM as an international NGO to run “Walk for Life”, the club foot correction program using the ponseti method which was developed at the University of Iowa by Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, M.D.

Colin Mcfarlane AM Founder, Operation Cleft & The Glencoe Founation

Colin Macfarlane AM Founder, Operation Cleft & The Glencoe Foundation

Many of you will know Colin as he was also the founder of Operation Cleft and has always maintained his passion for this unique project that has such a huge impact on children’s lives. Colin and the team at Glencoe are excited about their new role with Operation Cleft and aim to inject new enthusiasm and vitality into the program.