Corporate citizenship is the practice of investing in today’s potential for tomorrow’s success.
The expected outcome is an impact on profitability through increased customer loyalty.

Give a donation – Donations may be made via PayPal from the top right hand corner of your screen. Alternatively if you prefer to mail your donation, you may download a donation form from the link below- All donations of $2 or more are fully tax deductible in Australia.

Operation Cleft Brochure


  • Give a donation – $1,200 will change the lives of four children
  • Encourage staff to support this unique project and match their contributions.
  • Set a company goal of  50 – 100 operations – This will encourage increased employee satisfaction when that goal is reached. 
  • Management’s active participation and encouragement will create a sense of  corporate responsibility among employees.
  • Promote Operation Cleft to your customers and suppliers by including a flier and message of support in correspondence, invoices, payments or emails.

Money trail

Accountants /Lawyers – Suggest Operation Cleft to your clients as a worthy and reputable charity.  * Operation Cleft is audited pro bono in Australia by McPhail & partners and in Bangladesh by Rahman Rahman Huq (a KPMG partner)