Three Marathons, Three Continents in Five Weeks to “Gift a Smile for Life”!

Jeffery Wright, a friend of Operation Cleft Australia, is gearing to run three marathons on three continents within five weeks to raise funds needed to provide free cleft lip and palate repair surgery for underprivileged children in Bangladesh.

“More than most people but not as much as some, I’ve always been healthy and ready for a challenge. This year I’ll run my home marathon in Melbourne in Mid-October  Then, three weeks later I’ll run the New York Marathon, my fourth of the six major marathons of the world. Finally two weeks after New York, on the way home, I’ll run the marathon in Valencia, Spain. That’s three marathons, on three continents in five weeks. That’s my challenge for this year!”

“When a dear friend asked whether I would fund raise in support of Operation Cleft Australia I was a bit unsure. I mainly run for myself. Sounds a bit selfish but I run because I enjoy the time and the effort and the camaraderie. I’d never really thought about running for a cause and Operation Cleft is a tough one to say no to. Over 5000 children are born in Bangladesh each year with cleft conditions. The medical system there doesn’t have the capacity to care for them and the condition can lead to infection, malnutrition and rejection by their communities. Operation Cleft raises funds to allow free surgical repair for these kids to allow them to lead normal lives, “ Jeff adds.

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Three Marathons, Three Continents in Five Weeks to “Gift a Smile for Life”!
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